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Works fast on light snow!

Just ordered my second SnowPusher (third if you count the one I got for my son-in law). My original one lasted for 10 or 12 years! It makes quick work of cleaning the driveway. I would say 3 inches of snow is about the limit for a large driveway. You can do deeper snow but it gets pretty hard to push. It cuts the time and effort down about 5 times as compared to a regular snow shovel! I only wish they would make the handle easy to remove and replace (maybe threaded ). It would make storage so much nicer. (the reason for 4 stars)

Dan Leone


Had mine about 8 years. Works great. Just now needing to replace metal and foam edges. Have alot of use on it.


Keep on pushin

I have had my Snow Pusher for over 10 years and absolutely love using it each winter.

Sounds like I maybe using it today with the possible 1 inch of snow we are expecting .

Thanks you Snow Pusher, keep up the good work.

Barry Brim


I love these snow shovels! I have the two biggest sizes and just ordered the smaller one. When we have a light snow I am finished way before any of my neighbors and mine also looks much better with no snow lines. The sidewalk in back has pooled water after a rain so I use them to clear the water. I would recommend these to everyone.


Simply the best for clearing a light snowfall.

I had an idea for a wider snow shovel shot about 15 years ago and I had one made out of sheet metal and piping with a wood handle. It was 48” wide and worked really, really well but a bit heavy for the average person. I found this product and immediately purchased it shortly after its introduction many years ago. I have loved it and have use it every year without incident. It is well designed and very well made. I could not recommend any product more.

Robert L

Robert Livingston

Great for slush and a dusting

Used original for many years. Triple wide driveway and one-hundred foot sidewalk. Ordered new steel handle with double squeegee because I used squeegee more than steel edge. Ordered replacement squeegee and steel edge for original as backup ( for my grandsons). Glad it went to steel handle option, instead of wood, as I have a tendency to PUSH read hard. Highly recommend!

Tom Abel

Ice Rink Groomer

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Gary Schuster

Quick and easy snow removal

I have used the SnowPusher lite 38″ for over 15 years. Great product for light snow removal when you don’t need the snow thrower. Beats the snow shovel any day. Covers almost 3 X the area and easy on the back. Also good for touching up the drive after using the snow thrower or using the squeegie side for pushing snow off my truck and tonneau cover. I’ve used mine so many times the blade side just wore out. Glad to see you’ve added a replacement part option.

Paul M

Best product E.V.E.R.

I have had my 48” SnowPusher Lite for well over 10 years and use it every year in our crazy Nebraska snow. It makes clearing the driveway and sidewalks a quick task and saves my back from lifting the snow! I finally had to replace the black squeegee part this year, after my teenager used it. The quality is amazing and I’ve never had a shovel last this long!! Thanks for a great product and love supporting small, American businesses!


long time returning customer

I have been using the snow pusher lite for MANY years for cleaning our milking parlor. There is not a better product out there in my opinion. My husband thought I was crazy when I bought the first one, after that he was sold. I was hesitant about the steel handle, but I am very impressed and love it. I would like to be able to buy just the handle without the bracket though. I order 1-2 times a year for replacement parts (mainly squeegee edges), but the amount of use they get every day, twice a day moving manure; I can’t complain.

Stacy Ronge

I love my Snowpusher!

Make short work of removing snow from large areas. Great for up to 2″ – 3″. Push into piles, then easily and quickly shovel the piles away. Sure has made Wyoming winters more manageable!

James Abbott


Useful with light snow. I was unaware replacement parts were available. I originally purchased a 48” model but have recently ordered a 38”. I am anticipating a bit of any easier push with the reduced surface area

Pete raketic

Save time, money, back strain - AND PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

If you want an ingenious invention that makes your life easier, you have to purchase this product! Keep in mind, you are pushing the snow, not lifting it like when you use a shovel. Ordering is super-easy; customer service is a 5-star experience. Folks, this is the stark contrast between purchasing an item made in China and making a purchase made in the United States. Fast, secure shipping. Easy assembly. They also have replacement parts for future repairs [if you ever need them]. It just doesn’t get any better than this!


Time saver

Best time saving tool. My neighbors bought the product after they saw mine.


Terrific Product!

I have been using a 48” Snow Pusher Lite for years now. There is nothing better to handle a small amount of snow – 1”-2” – or to trim things out after plowing. It’s easy to use and the 48” pusher area makes quick work of snow and slush. I actually prefer the squeegee side – so much so that I wore it out! I was so glad that I could order a replacement squeegee so that I could right back to work!

Thank you for such a terrific item!

Andrew Whitehead

Greatest plow shovel made

works as stated, did my drive in about 10 min. It was a lot easer than my old shovel!! I am 80 years old and it was great for me to use .

Robert Ford

Life Saver

I can’t even remember how many years I’ve had this pusher but its been a long time and really is awesome. Not sure what I would do without it. 240ft driveway and under 3 inches of snow cleared in 15min. I use the rubber side for the driveway and replace it once a year but seems to do the best getting rid of all of the snow. Super steep hill so ALL of the snow needs to go no matter how much falls.

Bought one for my mother in law too.


Snowlite pusher shovel

I have the 38″ and 48″ shovel. I love them. I use the 48″ for my large driveway and the 38″ for the lawn to clear the snow for my dog.

I love having a squeeze on one side and the metal blade on the other.

I have an older model with the metal handle and would suggest the black coating be carried futher down so the handle is not so cold.

Functions great and have recommended it to others. My neighbor purchased one after using mine:)

Vanessa Pricopio

A 38” heart saver

At 80, this pusher has been used since you introduced it and it is still working well. The design belies the integrity in its production and quality of the materials used. This product takes great abuse, yet mine is still very usable and I expect it to outlive me. Thank you for a fine product that is quality, versatile, easy to upgrade, and “lite” to use.

Steve Kratchman


Had these pushers for a long time, best investment I have made for pushing snow and leaves.


A Must Have

The SnoPusherLite is a must have for Michigan winters. I have the 38 and 28 inch models and they make snow removal a breeze, for lighter snowfalls or interval pushing during a storm.

My neighbors both bought as they tried our pushers out.

We all bought them for our children and their families. Thirteen total so far!!

Pat McEvilly II

38" snow pusher

I bought my first snow pusher 10 or 12 years ago. I have used it at four different locations small driveway to huge driveway. I never had a problem, however just today the wooden handle cracked and despite our best efforts we could not fix it. I used it for maybe 20 minutes after doing a repair and it cracked again. But I got a decade of use from the first one and it is a wonderful snow plow. I am looking forward to the new model with a metal handle. Now all we need is some snow.

Sally Ann Coston

38” snow pusher lite

I had this snow pusher for 12 years and it definitely has put up with the abuse it been through. Had to order me a replacement today, the wood handle finally said enough!! LOL So glad you introduced the steel handle.

Sally Coston


I have had my 38″ pusher for years and I love it. Make snow removal so easy.

Thanks snow pusher lite.


Barry Brim


First let me say I am a 65 year old female. Our asphalt driveway is approximately 300′ long. When the snow is deep enough my husband clears it with the tractor blower. I help him clear what the blower doesn’t get, or when there isn’t enough to use the blower. This morning I used our brand new SnowPusherLite for the first time to clear 1-2″ of snow from the whole driveway by myself (by my own choice). Amazing! It took very little effort, like taking a walk on a brisk day. Thank you for inventing an absolutely awesome tool!!!

Karen, Pendleton, NY