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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5 models available to choose from:

• 28″, 38″ and 48″ models with a bottom galvanized steel edge and a top rubber squeegee.
• 28″ and 38″ models with a top and bottom rubber squeegee.• 

Refer to the Shop Page for sizes, weight and costs.

The SnowPusherLite comes with a one-year limited guarantee against manufacturing defects and workmanship. We cannot warrant against misuse of the tool.

The product is intended to be used on any hard surface driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck, garage that is in relatively good condition. We recommend using the squeegee edge on paver,  exposed aggregate and deck surfaces so not to scratch them.

No. The tool is designed to “push” and not lift snow. The tool is manufactured with enough curvature on the non-stick blade so that at the end of the push, you simply lift the lightweight tool to keep a clean edge on your sidewalk or driveway.

No. The tool is designed to remove that bothersome light snow that does not require a snowblower or your snow plow service that normally isn’t contracted for clearing 2″ or less. Additionally, the tool makes short work for those light snow clean ups that typically fall in between heavier snowfalls.

Yes, you can order replacement parts for the SnowPusherLite. We stand behind our product and know that you will use this tool for years to come. With use, parts will wear so we have provided a complete replacement part list . To order your SnowPusherLite parts, simply visit our Shop Page. Because shipping and handling is so costly compared to the cost of the part, we suggest that you may want to order your replacement parts with your SnowPusherLite order(s).

The SnowPusherLite will come disassembled in a shipping carton that is 48″ long. Inside the box, there are 3 components: a blade, bracket and two piece handle along with necessary hardware and assembly instructions.

A Phillips screwdriver and a 3/8″ wrench or an adjustable wrench are all that is needed for assembly.

An unused SnowPusherLite can be returned, however, the customer is responsible for shipping charges.

Yes, we now offer shipping to Canada. Note: The buyer is responsible for the payments of customs duties and/or taxes.